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From electronic health record systems (EHR) to healthcare marketing, our innovative companies are leaders in their respective fields. We offer high quality solutions in areas such as medical billing, practice and clinic management, hospital administration systems, and endoscope management.

Sigmund Software, enterprise EHR for behavioral health and addiction treatment

Sigmund Software

Sigmund is a leader in providing software solutions for behavioral health, social service, and addiction treatment providers nationwide. Sigmund’s suite of flexible features and cutting edge automation (including clinical documentation, EDI, benefits verification, eprescribing, scheduling and more) provide the functionality needed to deliver more effective services across all departments.

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Medicfusion EHR, practice management for chiropractors


Medicfusion is a certified electronic health records (EHR) system designed by chiropractors, for chiropractors. Medicfusion makes the records process easy with an entirely online system and superior customer support. Medicfusion has an extensive range of features including automated workflows, patient web portal, electronic prescribing and payments, clinical documentation (SOAP notes), comprehensive reporting, and online training resources.

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VersaForm, practice management for small clinics and solo practitioners


The VersaForm EHR solution features templates and encounter types that adapt to the way you conduct your day-to-day operations and treat patients, without the need to install practice-specific interfaces. VersaForm's medical software provides a comprehensive clinical solution for any practice, combining clinical patient records with labs, data, prescription writing, and much more. VersaForm’s patient-centered computing model keeps your patient at the center of each transaction, resulting in a more pleasant experience for all.

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DeviceTrak, endoscope management and reprocessing system to protect patients, staff, and your business


DeviceTrak specializes in endoscope management and accountability. DeviceTrak’s software provides hospital administrators, physicians, and surgical teams with a way to effectively manage endoscopy inventories and reprocessing in a managed closed-loop environment which allows for device infection control, cleaning process accountability, paperless scope tracking and fully documented chain of evidence reports for full peace of mind. DeviceTrak protects you, your team, and your patients with high quality scope reprocessing and infection control.

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HeatlhPCP, medical billing outsourcing for better revenue cycle management and improved collections


HealthPCP is a medical billing and collections company that provides startup services for beginning practices, conversion of existing practices, and migration of practices to higher levels of performance and growth. HealthPCP uses innovative software that integrates an EMR system designed to take your practice into the future. The providers HealthPCP supports are assigned a Client Service Representative to oversee their accounts. HealthPCP separates itself from its competitors by offering a wide range of information and reports that are made available to help providers better understand their practices.

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Legato, healthcare marketing to develop your organization and grow profit margins

Legato HeaLthcare Marketing

Legato Healthcare Marketing builds business for hospitals, specialty clinics, physician practices, behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations, senior health facilities and medical product companies.

Legato serves as the marketing division for VSS Medical Technologies and the organizations under its umbrella of companies, as well as being a strategic resource for all VSS customers. Whether it's healthcare reform, physician recruitment or declining reimbursement, Legato overcomes industry challenges and produces results-driven growth strategies to increase brand awareness, patient volumes and customer engagement.

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