VSS Medical Technologies - Canada

VSS Medical Technologies develops Industry-Leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software for the behavioral health and addiction treatment communities.

VSS Medical Technologies Canada builds software solutions designed to precisely fit the needs of providers in these varied and highly specialized spaces.‍ In Canada, we offer a dynamic suite of software solutions that are tailor-made to suit your operation, as well as deliver a full spectrum of EHR services.

We believe every provider deserves a powerful EHR because every patient deserves comprehensive, excellent care.  And there’s simply no way to deliver the best care to your patients without an enterprise software solution. 

As a company based in Canada, our team is made up of experts that specialize in Canadian health information technology. From our sales team, to the support staff, to management, you’ll work with a fellow Canadian every step of the way.

Curious to see how VSS Medical Technologies creates a unique EHR environment for each and every client? We’d love to show you how our software can adapt to your specific operation during a custom product demo.

With that being said, buying a new EHR is a huge decision. We understand if you’re not ready for a demo just yet.

If you have any questions regarding what’s lacking in your current software solution, or how VSS Medical Technologies can transform your EHR environment, please email  sales@vssmedical.com  One of our Canadian specialists will be happy to speak to you.