Who We Are

The VSS group continues to grow with well-established companies that combine diverse software systems which expand the boundaries of electronic health record (EHR) systems, medical billing, practice and clinic management, hospital administration systems, endoscope management, and healthcare marketing. As a parent company of these industry frontrunners, our expertise builds volumes through access to a wide variety of services and a strong focus on efficiency and productivity.

With leading-edge data centers in Canada and North America, our HIPAA compliant facilities host client information for thousands of organizations and tens of thousands of patients, helping to transform the rapidly changing healthcare industry. With thousands of hours of experience among our dedicated employees, we adapt to the emerging needs of healthcare technology and services to increase profitability and accessibility.

Mission Vision & Values

Transform the healthcare industry by investing in the leading healthcare software and medical technology organizations.

Expand and develop the health information technology sector while providing specialized service and innovative technology on a global scale with personalized customer care.

Encouraging collaboration and innovation in the health information technology industry and creating a dynamic environment for professionals and community alike.

Management Team

Philip Turner, President and CEO VSS Medical Technologies


Philip Turner is focused on growth to increase the VSS suite of product offerings for existing clients and continues to invest in infrastructure to grow the VSS footprint.

Born in Surrey, England in 1969, Philip attended the University of Calgary where he received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1990, and attended the University of Toronto where he received a Master of Business Administration in 1993.

Philip began his career in 1990 at Forewest Industries in Calgary, Alberta, where he worked in Oil and Gas technology. In 1993, he moved to Pitney Bowes in Toronto in a management role and traveled across Canada and into the United States. In 1997, Philip joined FedEx Canada and was responsible for business planning and pricing initiatives. After 3 years at FedEx, Philip moved to a software company, where he was one of the founders of a small start-up software company: AutoBranch Technologies. AutoBranch focused on development of ATM software applications and Intellectual Property for automated banking machines. Philip is also President & CEO of Quickservice Technologies Inc., a leading provider of point-of-sale software solutions within the quick service sector.



Harry Manesis, COO VSS Medical Technologies


Harry Manesis joined Sigmund Software in 2005 after a sixteen-year tenure with the IBM Corporation. He initially held senior corporate accounting and finance positions at IBM. He later progressed to IBM Global Services and served in both senior project manager and consultant roles, providing oversight for implementation of enterprise financial systems. In this capacity, he worked directly with Fortune 100 and 500 corporations both domestically and abroad. His role expanded to encompass oversight for sales operations responsible for management of million-dollar/multi-year software implementation and consulting engagements worldwide.

Harry has been instrumental in evolving VSS strategies for software deployment, consulting, and customer support management. He is responsible for all of Sigmund's sales, development, implementation and consulting engagements, support, quality assurance, and overall operations of the company.



Mike Milligan, CMO VSS Medical Technologies


Mike is actively engaged in identifying solutions to address the issues of healthcare reform and the unique challenges specific to hospitals, specialty clinics, physician practices, behavioral health, senior health and medical products.

Before starting at Legato Healthcare Marketing, where he also serves as President, Mike was Director of Marketing & Public Relations with New Hanover Health Network (NHHN in North Carolina). Mike also served as Vice President of Communications for Prevea Health in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Director of Public Relations and Strategic Communications with Aurora Health Care, a Wisconsin-based healthcare system with 30,000 employees.

Mike Milligan is a highly requested speaker for conferences and other healthcare industry events, and he is a contributing author for leading healthcare marketing publications and shares his insights weekly through the nationally recognized Legato Healthcare Blog at www.legatohealthcaremarketing.com. Legato serves as the marketing division for VSS Medical Technologies and the organizations under its umbrella of companies, as well as being a strategic resource for all VSS customers.


Cory Valentine, VP Business Development VSS Medical Technologies


Cory is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of all sales operations and provides active leadership in relationship management, strategy, and third party partnerships. With 18 years of healthcare experience, Cory’s focus is to consultatively assist organizations in defining product and project requirements, re-engineer processes and define comprehensive implementation plans that enable organizations to meet their objectives. With experience consulting in multiple healthcare vertical markets, including behavioral health and addiction treatment, primary care, and other medical specialties, Cory uses his diverse background in enterprise electronic health record software, medical device tracking, revenue cycle management processes, financial systems and data analytics to enhance the client experience and add value to every aspect of the sales and onboarding process.


Matt Prete, VP Application Development VSS Medical Technologies


Matthew Prete has been part of the VSS Medical Technologies team since 2006. He previously spent six years as a Software Engineer with IBM’s Microelectronic Division working in the semi-conductor manufacturing industry.

He started his career at Sigmund Software as a Senior Software Engineer with a primary focus on developing Sigmund’s finance and billing features. Matt was the lead engineer in the development of Sigmund’s industry-leading revenue cycle management system for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment. Over the years, Matt has been integral in the design and development of all Sigmund software, helping to push our technology in a fast-paced environment.

Matt was promoted to Vice President of Application Development to oversee all Application Development for VSS Medical Technologies. His primary goal is building the next generation of software for the health care industry, leveraging experience from all of the companies within VSS. Matt continues to incorporate all that modern technology has to offer including smartphones, wearables and tablets in addition to the mainstream devices such as laptops and desktops.